Much as I love writing, bills must be paid and my day job is working as a scientist. I'm currently a research fellow at the University of Aberdeen creating some software to help people record transcranial ultrasound and tranform it into a 3D image of the head. It's a follow-up to the the Satellite Ultrasound in Rural Stroke (SURS) project. We're testing the use of ultrasound in ambulances to speed up the process of stroke diagnosis (and other conditions) by transmitting the images to hospital-based experts using satellite and mobile networks. It's good stuff that could really help people in remote and rural areas. I wrote an article about it here.
Earlier this year I finished up an EU project assessing 10 different telemedicine applications across 6 different northern European countries, called Implementing Transnational Telemedicine Solutions (ITTS). This is the project I gave a short talk on in Japan at the 2013 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Annual International Conference.

I have qualifications in psychology, criminology, clinical neuroscience, surgical technology and intelligent systems, and I've previously worked on brain imaging, telemedicine, computer-aided diagnosis and data mining projects, and have also worked as a medical writer/editor and analyst. In my previous post-doc job at University College London, I lectured on machine learning for a postgrad degree module, and can occasionally be talked into doing peer review and other such professional scientist things.

Below is a list of my publications, related to research from current and past projects.


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