I've written lots of short stories and, thanks to Nanowrimo's annual pressurising, a couple of novels that are currently being redrafted. I'm still working on previous NaNo's "That Evil Genius Thing", a comedy-thriller about an evil genius who just wants to fit in with the other evil geniuses, if only they would let her... Other NaNo novels are "Identity" (working title until I come up with a better one), a young adult tale of a girl's journey to find out who she really is... That sounds too serious. It's actually a story involving plague, space pirates, assassins, computer hacking, AI, luddites and a galaxy-spanning adventure. And then there's "The Price" (better title coming soon), my first attempt at a romance-thriller, which stars a woman with a special power, and a man who's fallen in with a bad crowd...

Below are details of my short story publications with links where available.


A Little Knowledge - The Willows (Issue 1 - May 2007)

Arthur and the Rot of Ages - Shadowland (December 2003)

The Autobiographer - Electric Spec (Issue 2 - May 2006)

Between Stairs - Whispering Spirits (Issue 9 - November 2004)

Blooming Britain - Here & Now (Issue 5/6 - May 2005)

The Bogeyman - Invitations anthology (September 2004)

The Borrower - Nocturnal Ooze (March 2005)

Delicious Dreams - The Parasitorium: Terrors Within anthology (January 2004)

Dr. Henderson's Thursday - Surreal Magazine (Issue 1 - January 2005)

A Fairy Story - Dark Fire Fiction (Issue 3 - May 2003)

The First Sparks of Romance - Scared Naked Magazine (Issue 4 - February 2004)

Here Be Dragons - SBD Sci-fi & Fantasy (December 2002)

Here Be Dragons - Tales of the Talisman (Vol. 1, Issue 1 - August 2005)

In the Dark - The Horror Express (Issue 2, June 2004)

In the Forest, Waiting - Forgotten Worlds (Issue 1, April 2006)

Kenny's Worst-Best Halloween Ever - Cyber-Pulp's Free Halloween Anthology, Vol. 2 (October 2003)

Learning to Live with Dorian - The Book of Dark Wisdom (September 2004)

Learning to Live with Dorian - Leafing Through (Issue 7 - May 2005)

Marina - The Dark Krypt (July/August 2005)

The Mistletoe Pool - The Eternal Night (Chronicle 29 - November 2003)

The Mistletoe Pool - The Harrow (Vol. 8, No 4, June 2005)

The Mistletoe Pool - Whispering Spirits e-Anthology (March 2007)

The Serial Killer's Search for True Love - The House of Pain (May 2003)

The Serial Killer's Search for True Love - Dark Fire Fiction (July 2012)

The Snowman - Fusing Horizons (Issue 3, June 2004)

Society and Sickness - History is Dead anthology (December 2007)

The Tomb - Thirteen (June 2004)

The Tomb - Cold Glass Pain anthology (March 2005)

The Tomb - Ruins Terra anthology (September 2007)

A Vampire Comes to Call - Bloodlust UK (July 2003)

A Vampire Comes to Call - From the Asylum (July 2004)

A Vampire Calls - The Coffee Lounge Book Club (Vol. 1 Issue 5, February/March 2004)

We Are All One - Project M Zine (Issue 0.07: Hadez, June 2004)


Alien Influx - Alien Skin (Volume II, No. 5, December 2003)

Caught Red-Handed - Trip the Light Horrific anthology (September 2005)

Comedy Night at Club Hades - Flashshot (Issue 279, July 21st 2003)

Hide and Seek - Flashshot (Issue 294, August 5th 2003)

The Latest Thing! - Flashshot (Issue 241, June 10th 2003)

My Theory - Flashshot (Issue 466, January 30th 2004)

The above flashshots and many more are collated in Flashshot: Year One (August 2004)

The Orderly Afterlife - Between Kisses (July 31st 2003)

Tis The Season - Alien Skin (Volume II, No. 6, January 2004)


The Queen is Taking a Holiday - Special Commendation in the Book Week Scotland Flash Fiction Competition (November 2014)

A Day of Freedom - Winner of Jordan Reyne & Anarchy Books Children of a Factory Nation short story contest (September 2011)

Now! and Then! - Winner of the Mike Carey 'Over to you' competition at Murky Depths (Issue 14, October 2010)

Between Stairs - First Place in Toasted Cheese's Dead of Winter Contest (Vol. 4, Issue 1 - March 2004)

The Heart of Chivalry - Runner-up in Renderosity Interactive Magazine's Chivalry Contest (November 2004)

Mikey's Jewels - First Place in The Murder Hole's Postmortem Murder Short Story Contest (September 2002)

Petal's Angel - Third Place in the First Annual Business of Writing Writer's Contest (July 2004)

The Snowman - Honourable Mention in the First Annual Firebrand Fiction / SF Reader Short Fiction Contest (December 2002)

Tradition - Third place in The Dark Krypt's Halloween Contest (Halloween 2003)