About Leila Eadie

I'm a writer. Pretty much always have been, expect I always will be. It's the product of an overactive imagination and a tendency to make things up. What's more, I like writing. When it's going well, the words flow out from my brain like a sweet sparkling waterfall, and if some days it requires a hand pump and serious elbow grease, then it's still worth it in the end.

I'm something of a split personality at the moment: I'm working as a scientist part-time and writing the rest of the time. Taking on a part-time contract was a conscious effort to allow more time for my writing and see if I can really make something of it. So I'm largely leaving the short stories behind for the time being and working on a couple of novels, plus diversifying into play and screenplay writing.

I'm living in the Scottish Highlands, where I can revel in the beautiful scenery, enjoying the dramatic skies, trees and sea, while occasionally returning to smelly, dirty, vivacious, lively London. Scotland is where I have the time and peace to get most of my writing done, and London is where I drink cocktails and seek out diverse culture.

My published fiction can be found online and in various print magazines and anthologies, and my scientific papers are also available in various journals. My short stories are mostly horror or fantasy, occasionally sci-fi. My academic articles are focussed on medical technology, largely on the topics of imaging or intelligent computing.

If you're interested in technical details, I'm qualified as a neuroscientist and an intelligent systems/data mining expert, with a PhD in surgical technology and telemedicine. I've worked on projects researching aspects of human vision, machine learning, computer-aided diagnosis and the like. I've also done some lecturing on these topics. In the past I've also worked as a medical writer and editor, but am currently a research fellow at the University of Aberdeen's Centre for Rural Health.

And I think that's probably more than enough information. If you want to find out more or get in touch, I'm on twitter and LinkedIn and you can email leila[AT]makingstuffup.co.uk.

Getting into the Highland spirit